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AlbaTartufi, research and select Fresh Truffles for over 30 years, choosing among the most prestigious Cru.
Three Commercial Areas:
the "FOOD Division", composed of the "Fresh Truffles" and "Preserved Truffles" Lines;
the "NATURE Division" with "Alba Truffle Tour";
the "COSMETIC Division", with the "Truffle of Alba BEAUTY" Line at the White Truffle Extract from Alba

Fresh Truffles

The White Truffle of Alba (scientific name TUBER MAGNATUM PICO) is considered the most prestigious truffle par excellence. The Black Summer Truffle has a specific flavor, and its aromatic scent makes it highly appreciated in the kitchen, while the Precious Black Truffle (scientific name Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.) Is probably the most known truffle in the International Cuisine.

Preserved Truffles

Truffle Condiments, Truffle Sauces, Truffle Creams, Truffle Oil, Truffle Appetizer.

Truffle of Alba BEAUTY

The Cosmetic Line with Alba White Truffle Extract it is born in the Langhe and is produced entirely in Italy. 100% Made in Italy.

The White Truffle of Alba, is a tuber very rich in amino acids and minerals, which moisturizes, smoothes and protects the skin from external attacks. The White Alba Truffle Extract has a high concentration of antioxidant substances that help to delay aging, thus making it a natural anti-age treatment, an effective skin repairer and an excellent lightening and anti-staining.

Alba Fresh Truffles

The price of "Alba Fresh Truffles" is predominantly characterized by three factors:
the Territory, Climatic Conditions and the Market.

The White Truffle Territory is seasonal and is closely linked to Climatic Conditions that can clearly vary from year to year, thus affecting growth, ripening and quantity offered by Nature.
These aspects, determine the Market and its Quotations of “Alba Fresh Truffles".



AlbaTartufi allows you to buy fresh selected truffles in a simple and fast way directly from your PC or mobile device.

What’s the procedure?
Tuber aestivum Vittad Black Summer Truffle Size from more than 20 grams to climb
Tuber aestivum Vittad
Black Summer Truffle
Size from more than 20 grams to climb
€ 20 / 100 grams VAT 10% included
- +

The Black Summer Truffle of Piedmont also called Tuber Aestivum Vittadini or Scorzone is a truffle particularly common in Piedmont. The Black Summer Truffle of Piedmont is collected mainly in the areas of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato and is commonly called Scorzone ...

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AlbaTartufi & Restaurant

"AlbaTartufi & Restaurant" is a project that AlbaTartufi proposes to Italian Food Companies in Italy and in the World. Join us in our project, where we will do everything possible to build your loyalty to the products of our Company.
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Alba truffles promotes a conscious and proper consumption of the truffle after purchase, with a practical and easy online searchable guide.

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Fresh Truffles – AlbaTartufi (Piedmont / Italy)

Fresh Alba Truffles - White Truffle of Alba, Black Summer Truffle and Black Truffle Fine.