Art. 1: Terms

The present document defines the general and special conditions of purchase of products marketed by Albatartufi srl on the website www.albatartufi.com.
For good to be able to make purchases IS request entry to the site www.albatartufi.com (E Necessary to accurately calculate Postal cost for the Application or exemption of VAT and taxes ANY a second of the country run by Which State and the 'order).
Membership And Free and does not involves any purchase obligation.

Art. 2: Prices

For Italy the sales prices of Esposti products are inclusive of tax VAT as per the current Italian tax legislation for retail. WHEN The Registered User will log, the prices will be shown with or without VAT of a Second HIS applicability of the exemption or the basis of the information provided at registration.

Art. 3: Minimum Orders

Solo orders are accepted with the Following Minimum quantities:
white truffle (Tuber Magnum Pico) minimum 100 grams
SUMMER BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) As a minimum 500 grams
AUTUMN black truffle (Tuber Uncinatum) of at least 500 grams
BLACK TRUFFLE (Tuber melanosporum) of minimum 250 grams
The infomatico System That runs the site performs a first control and evasion of the Order will inform you in case of error.

Art. 4: Payment

The payment can be made using three options:


The payment for purchases made on the site is Albatartufi.com Exclusively Through credit card, Visa or Master Card. This method uses encrypted data transmission with SSL connections (Secure Socket Layer), which ensures absolute privacy On Transmission of information related to the Credit Card, Che therefore can not be viewed by other users on the Net.


The IS Payment made by bank transfer to the bank Following:
CAB 46510 ABI.:.: 03111
I - BAN: IT34L0311146510000000015160
D.C. No. 15160 made out to: ALBATARTUFI S.R.L. Registered Office: V. Cavour, 15 12046 Monta 'd'Alba (Cn)
Reason: ns. Order No. xxx. xxx made an internet site means www.albatartufi.com
In SOME cases for Details products you may not be accepted both Payment Methods Cited above. In this case the system That Automatically manages the site will propose a payment method compatible and will not make products with ADD to Cart Payment methods not compatible with those already in the same cart.
The goods are shipped within 24 business hours upon receipt of payment. In case of bank transfer may be necessary Also 5-7 business days for receipt of your payment. To speed up the shipping so we recommend you to send us the proof of payment by mail or fax.

Art. 5: Mail Order Confirmation

The Albatartufi srl send an e-mail confirmation of the 'Order Received. The contract is therefore CONSIDE Concluded At the headquarters of Albatartufi srl What accepts the Purchase Proposal Cosi Come please select from the customer. In case of orders where ê request by Customer urgent delivery the Albatartufi Inc. reserves the right to propose a partial fulfillment of the Order.

Art. 6: Delivery

The Albatartufi srl delivery mainly in Europe. For a correct operation of the service and a punctual and Quick Delivery Customer MUST PROVIDE, in the form provided in the website Registration, accurate data and correspondents to reality.
The Truffle is shipped by express courier.
They travel goods ordered Fully a risk of the Principal What Makes You InOLTRE responsible for the outcome of Transport. Ë the product subject to natural weight decline in variable percentage. The weight of the goods purchased is intended to point out the packaging moment.
The goods are shipped within 24 business hours upon receipt of payment.

Art. 7: Withdrawal

The Customer, pursuant to Legislative Decree. 22/5/99 N ° 185, has the right to withdraw from the Agreement to proceed to the return of the goods within 10 days of receipt, by giving notice to Albatartufi srl by registered mail with return receipt or by telegram or by sending an e-mail, in the latter two cases, however, by sending a registered letter with return receipt as confirmation. The customer received the goods must return the same to the supplier at his own expense within fifteen days of receipt. The Albatartufi srl will reimburse the sums paid as quickly as possible and within 30 days from the date it became aware of the right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal applies only to goods intact at the time of return and can not be extended to products which by their nature can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, such as the TRUFFLE.

Art. 8: Complaints

The customer can submit complaints by ordinary mail to Albatartufi srl or by email to customercare@albatartufi.com If the customer is not satisfied with the product must demonstrate that it is a real defect of the product or packaging.

Art. 9: Jurisdiction

For disputes arising in the 'interpretation and' execution of this contract shall be the ASTI hole (Italy).

Art. 10: Goal

For all matters not expressly provided in these terms and conditions shall follow the rules of the applicable law. APPROVAL CLAUSES PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code Under Articles. 3141 and 1342 of the Civil Code l 'acknowledge that you have read and specifically approved the clauses specified in the following articles of the General Conditions: Art. 2 prices, Art. 3 Minimum Orders, Art. 4 Payments, Art. 6 Delivery Art. 7 Withdrawal, Art . 8 Claims, Art. 9 jurisdiction. In order to have a written copy of the rules contained in this agreement and the information relating to the identification of the service provider and the conditions of the same, all as provided by 'art. 3 of Law No. 185 of 05.25.1999, the customer is required to print or save on computer support the present general conditions.



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