The White Truffle of Alba and the Lunar Phases

The White Truffle of Alba and the Lunar Phases

The Truffles born, grow and come to maturity in symbiosis with the lunar phases. For a series of factors, the White Truffle is the one most subject to the movements of the Moon; starting from the ripening, only with the crescent moon of October the truffles reach a level of maturation such as to be considered qualitatively good. Contrary to other products the truffles ripen with the cold and only when the colors of the woods begin to take a series of shades tending to yellow and the temperature difference between day and night becomes more important, our tuber begins to give its best of himself.

Every truffle hunter knows perfectly well that the best times to find truffles are in the crescent moon phase (approximately from the first quarter onwards) to reach a culmination of finds during the full moon periods. From that moment onwards, the collection will gradually decrease until it reaches the most difficult period for the finds that are normally in the days before the "moon change" together with the first few days of the crescent moon. As you can see the truffle is deeply linked to the progress of the Moon and this is influenced in multiple combinations.



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